Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A before & after before winter hit...

So, if you haven't been able to tell- winter is the slow time around here.  In Oklahoma, it seems to go from summer to winter in about 2 days flat.  That is probably a little of an exaggeration, but not much.  Add that to the fact that I am a complete novice and work on all of my projects out of my garage and the result is that I have quite an abrupt end to my painting season.  No fancy workshop here, only on loan during daytime hours as well (as our goal is to be able to park both cars in the garage every night).  Anyway, all that is to say that come winter  time you are going to see a dramatic slowdown in my projects and probably posts as well.  Some of these bloggers out there are amazing and can always find something to share.  Me, not so much.  But, in an attempt to not completely loose your interest- I will try.  

Which brings me to a "before & after" that I did before the weather went south.  A friend asked me to re-paint these 2 tables for her.  The little blue one needed some repair as well.  It was quite unstable and the wood was separating in some places.

I think they turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself :)

I just love what a little paint and TLC can do to refresh old furniture.  
It never ceases to amaze me.

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Last year, in an attempt to create a "real" master bedroom I decided we finally needed a real headboard and actual night stands.  I came across these at a garage sale and revamped them into a nice little pair.

They were certainly sufficient, but truthfully I hoped to eventually find something with just a tad more width.  A few days ago I finally came across these sweet night stands.

You may have even seen them in my brief "Before" post.  Well, I knocked those puppies out yesterday and here they are.  After...

 So, now it is time for "out with the old, in with the new."  The other night stands are now for sale.  Just in time for Christmas.  Any takers?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

"I really can't stay..."

The melodic sounds of Zooey Deschanel come to mind as I look at this pair of beautiful nightstands.  They look back as if to say, "I really can't stay... Baby it's cold outside.  I ought to go away... Baby it's cold outside..."  So, now's your chance.  These two beauties are looking for a new home. 

 Dimensions are:
13" wide X 17" deep X 28" tall
Asking:  $125 for the pair

These nightstands are painted a light dove gray and a cottage-y whitewash has been added.  They are also lightly distressed to give them a weathered look. 

All 4 drawers are lined with antique sheet music.

The hardware is simple with a tad of precious detail.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Check it out!  I picked up these two beauties today...
 Look at that great detail!  

Any suggestions on a color or finish?  

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vintage Retro-Urban side table or night-stand

This is what I call vintage urban- retro.  
A great little 2 drawer accent piece!

Painted urban silver, glazed and topped with a vintage 1964 map of Washington DC, 
this table is sure to liven up any space.  

Actual dimensions are:
20" wide X 23" tall X 14" deep
Asking $55

Friday, October 14, 2011


It is funny how we all share such different tastes...  It is not often, but occasionally I have to reduce my prices when it comes time to make some room for new pieces.  Such is the case with these two beauties!  Funnily enough, these are two of my all time faves.  Trust me when I say if I had room they would have a home with me.

~Indigo Dresser~
Aprox. dimensions:
30" wide X 42" tall X 16 deep

~Tiffany Hutch~
Aprox. dimensions:
42" Length X 14" Width X 70" Height

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Antique Chic Tiffany Hutch...

UPDATE/ NOTE:  I added before and after picts. below... scroll down to view and click to enlarge :)

I will take furniture any day over flowers (or jewelry for that matter), so here it is- my idea of what a great gift would be.  This hutch is a beautiful take on a bold Tiffany blue.  The original hardware has been shined up and adds a nice bit of bling to this fantastic piece.  She has 3 drawers, 2 side cabinet doors and 2 shelves encased in glass to feature your most precious items.  Did I mention she is a true antique, and now also very chic!  And the drum roll please.....

Yes, she was for sale...
Aprox. dimensions:
42" Length X 14" Width X 70" Height
Here is the "before"

And the "after"

All shined up!  Love the detail and distressing.

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Farmhouse Chic"

I recently completed this "Farmhouse Chic" dining table 4 chair set. It is painted a light jade color, topped with a brown glaze and finished with a satin polyurathane. This is truly a great one of a kind set. Also, the entire set is SOLID wood and sturdy!

Aprox. dimensions of the table are:
60" long x 36" wide x 30" tall

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shaker/ Farmhouse Furniture...

 When ever I "create" a new piece of furniture from something old I usually can see it's potential in many different ways.  Which is why it is always such a challenge for me to market my furniture.  I might see a table's potential as a "desk" or "kitchen island," and not just as a table.  I try my best to convey all the possibilities, but I am sure I still leave some folks scratching their heads!  Such is the case with this piece.

  Once a ratty old desk, I have modified it into what I think would make two great night stands or even a buffet!  How do I go from nightstand to buffet?  Well, simply really.  Just butt the two nightstands end to end throw a cute little table runner on it and voila, instant buffet!  The lines are great for it, and on top of that there are drawers on either side no matter what your needs.  In playing around with them, I also squared up the tables and think they also work nicely together as a kitchen island!  Either way here they are...

Shaker/ Farmhouse tables
Dimensions:  31"wide X 15"deep X 28 1/2" tall
The table on the left has only 2 drawers:  one shallow and one deep.  The one on the right has 3 shallow drawers. 
If you prefer to have both sides match I can add another faux handle to mimic the right side. 
If used as a nightstand this would be your view from the front.  You still get the functionality of the drawers.  However, they are nicely concealed on the sides to allow for a sleeker look.

The top is weathered wood sanded down to a nice finish. 

I love these pulls!

Drawers lined with antique sheet music and movable dividers.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Coming soon...

Just wanted to let you know what I have in the works:
  • 2 shaker/ farmhouse style night-stands
  • Retro Dining table
  • 2 twin beds (headboards foot boards, rails)
I will post some picts. tomorrow!

See ya soon!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

On hiatus... and Tip #3

Yes, I have been out of town again- couple that with the start of the new school year and a visit from my folks and blogging and furniture revival have once again gone by the way side.  Looking on the bright side, the temps. in Oklahoma are finally dropping and we might even get some rain!  Which means when I can squeeze in some time, I may just get back into the swing of painting.  When I do, you will be the first to know :)

Until then, I have a tip for the day~

Tip #3... Blemish control the (cheap) natural way!

Though it is not house related at all, I suspect that we can all use a helpful hint when it comes to blemish control!  Yes, the dreaded blemish, pimple, zit, what ever you want call them... I have finally come across a great, effective, cheap remedy.

LEMONS!  You heard me right, lemons!  If you are having difficulty with breakouts or just the occasional blemish I highly recommend trying lemons.  It is a simple enough process, cheap too (I have my own lemon tree so for me it was free), but lemons at Target this am were .22 ea so even if you have to buy one it is VERY reasonable.  Here is the process:

1.  Wash your face
2.  Pat dry
3.  Take a slice of lemon and rub in a circular motion over your face.  OR
     Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply to your face.
4.  Wait 10 minutes and rinse your face with water. 
5.  Apply moisturizer or makeup as usual...

Here are the benefits:

1.  Lemons decrease redness naturally
2.  Lemons dry out blemishes naturally
3.  Lemons lighten dark spots naturally
4.  Lemons improve skin condition naturally
AND  Believe it or not, lemons are not drying to the skin!

I am NO doctor, esthetician, or dermatologist... but I have been to all of them.  I have tried prescription medication, prescription topical lotions, gels, and solutions.  I have made numerous over the counter attempts and nothing has given me a result that I could see within a day!  With the exception of using a good old, God made lemon!

So, if you have issues with blemishes give it a try.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.  It may sting a little, but you can fan your face it and that will help.  Or just suck it up... It is definitely worth it!

PS. Here is a photo from my recent trip.  Can anyone guess where we were?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

~Antique Chic~ Desk~ Petite Dining Table~ Kitchen Island~

This is a great, versatile piece. Though it was originally constructed as a computer desk (has a slide out drawer for a keyboard), I think it would make a nice table-for-two in a small eat in kitchen OR could even be used as island in a more spacious kitchen! This is truly a unique piece with tons of texture, undertones of blue and aqua. It has also been distressed for that instant antique look.

Aprox dimensions are:
48" wide X 28"deep X 30" high