Friday, February 25, 2011


A few months ago our old dishwasher made some atrocious sounds and moments later gave up the ghost (or so we thought at the time).  Having never cared for the thing, it came with when we bought the house, we were reluctantly excited about the prospect of choosing a new one.  As with most purchases, we did our share of research and finally decided on this dishwasher:   

It received great reviews, for the most part.  What I found unusual was either it got 5 stars or 1 star- cleaned better than any dishwasher EVER, or didn't clean worth #*&%!!.  A complaint that I saw repeated was that the dishwasher left a "white, powdery residue" on the dishes.  This really made NO sense to me at all.  Sounded like a water or detergent problem to me, or incompetent users.   Nevertheless, we purchased it. 
      Fast forward to lately...  I have been increasingly annoyed because I too, have become a victim of the "white, powdery residue"!!!  My older black plastic utensils have turned grey, sippy cups are covered in it, and I have had to rewash my share of less-than-clean dishes.  So, what gives???
      I will say, I ran out of dish detergent shortly after our new purchase and thought I might try Palmolive's Eco- friendly detergent.  TERRIBLE!  I immediately saw a marked increase in the residue after using this detergent, couldn't even finish using the bottle and that is saying a lot because I am a cheap-skate! I even switched back to the very expensive Cascade with the hopes that would fix it.  Even with that change, nothing.  Jet Dry, nothing, vinegar, nothing... What to do???
     With a little research I found a potential solution:

     Added it to a load last night and, voila!  Mucho better!!!  No more residue on my dishes and I would say about 95% of the residue that was accumulating on the inside of my dishwasher was gone!  I am hoping that I won't have to use Lemi Shine every time; that once the residue is gone my high priced Cascade will go back to doing its job.  I guess we will wait and see.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

When at first you don't succeed...

Years, and years ago- dare I say pre-blog hype, I started a very simple website to highlight all of Chad's and my adventures.  Mostly it was compilation of photos and captions; my first pregnancy, our first home, our first baby, second pregnancy, second baby,  second home...  you get the idea.  My way of bridging the gap between all of our long distance friends and family.  Perhaps you even remember.  Some where along the way, actually I think it was between myspace and facebok,  it got left behind.  Though it still existed, it just sat.  Un-updated, un-changed, un-loved.  Well, I finally had a go at it again today.  I tried, I really tried to resurrect .  (If you are really bored you can even go there and see my lame attempt.)  I just couldn't get back into it. So, I am going to go another route.  This route.  Already I am happier.  "User friendliness" is more and more important to me as I edge into my mid-30's.  Ease of use, priority!  So, try, try, again.  Here we go...

Okla-HOME-a  is my new blog.  Not sure what it is or will become.  Let's just say it is an evolution.   Oklahoma becoming home to a couple of wanderers.