Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Pages... One down, more to come.

So, today was dedicated to working on Blog logistics etc, with the most time spent on adding Pages.  I will continue to update my blog with recent goings on via posts on the home page, but I thought it might also be interesting to share some of our past happenings with you all, hence the Pages.

One down...  
Today I filled up our "House in NY" page.  Here you can go through a little photo tour of our NY house as well as read about our NY adventure.  If you love houses or even like them at all you will want to check this out!  
Our house in NY was like no other.  I am a little fuzzy on the details now but as I recall it was built in 1925 with last major renovations done in the 90's.  A local architect owned the house previously and certainly left his mark.  Among it's best attributes: great wide moldings, not just TONS of windows but several huge picture windows, skylights, built-ins GALORE! and character, oh the character!  Unique, quirky, and yet traditional and modern.  How does that even work?  Not sure, but it did for us.  Well, for 2 years anyway.  

Enough procrastinating, click on the "Our NY house" tab and check it out!

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  1. Thanks for the trip down memory lane...It was
    almost as good as being there!


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