Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DIY Starburst/Sunburst mirror

I have been wanting a starburst/sunburst mirror, or better yet, a pair of starburst/sunburst mirrors for my entry.  I have looked and looked but to no avail.  Actually that is not entirely true, a few months ago I found a great pair at Ross.  But, they were $24.99 a piece... and I hardly ever spend that much on anything.  So, I passed.  Now, months later I wish I hadn't.  Oh well.  So, I decided to give it a shot at making my own.  

My supplies:  Scrap 1x2's  from our pergola restoration, 2 mirrors from Dollar Tree, I also had some Gorilla Glue and my hatchet.
Here you can see the wood after I took my hatchet and made smaller thinner strips.  
I practiced with the layout, but then I figured I just better get to gluing.
I added all sizes and widths.
Unfortunately, when I flipped them over I noticed as the glue dried it seeped through to the sides.   If you have ever used Polyurethane glue you know that is expands and foams up.  This was good to adhere the wood, but bad because it is almost impossible to get off. 
NOTE:  What I learned from this project is-  I wish I would have used a margarine or some kind of plastic lid to glue the wood strips to, and then glued the mirror to the starburst.  This would have kept the glue expansion problem to the plastic and not the wood.
Here I am scraping the wood, trying to remove the poly-glue from the edges and the mirror.
Acetone based finger nail polish remover softens the poly-glue making it a little easier to remove.  Here I am using a paint brush to apply the Acetone.  
Hours later after I sufficiently scraped the glue from the edges I put them up... "Eh".  Sadly, "Eh", was my reaction after all those hours of work.  I just don't like how the star/sunburst looks near my round clock.  Too many round things...
The pair.
An up close shot.  I actually like how they turned out.  But, I don't like how they turned out for the space I intended.  Perhaps in another room I may like them better.  I am sure they will travel around before finding their final resting spot.


  1. This turned out great! Looks like something out of a Ballard Designs catalog--which I love! Thanks for linking this great post up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  2. You are VERY talented! Great job!

  3. Those turned out great! I can't believe they only cost you $2 to make!


  4. Beautiful! Happy Friday,Happy Good Friday, Happy Earth Day, Happy Jelly Bean Day ( yes it's actually jelly bean day)Hugs from Katherine. P.S have you entered my giveaway?

  5. thanks for the tips. I've been meaning to start my own starburst mirror...

  6. I really like how this is so irregular, it looks more inspired by nature. Fabulous version of a starburst!

  7. Very cute, I like how you placed them on each side of your front door.


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