Monday, June 27, 2011

Antique Chic...

 I am always amazed at how my 'ugliest ducklings' nearly always end up being my beloved faves!  Here are a few great examples (soon to be listed on Craigslist, unless you can snag them up first :)

This sweet little antique table was the little engine that could.  She was is such rough shape when I got her.  She needed some serious rehab, was cleansed, toned and given a fresh new yet old  look
I LOVE the top!  The multi-color/ tonal effect is primo!

To serve the better good her legs got a little trim, but they are still delightful.
Yet again, LOVE this finish!

Lovely French Country Full size headboard.  This is one of those you have to see in person,
the photo just doesn't do it justice. 

Sweet details.  The green with the glaze looks like an aged copper-ed patina. 

This rustic side table also came to me in much disrepair.  It could barely stand.  After my handiwork he is "strong like bull!"

Even a tough guy can have great detail.

...and nice legs!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

... caan't reesssist the inevitable...

Although, my blog origina'l is closest to my heart therefore most current and updated...just FYI.

Friday, June 24, 2011

To paint or not to paint...

Here is a chance for you all to chime in.  I have posted some projects below.  In order of "least in need of new paint" to "most in need of new paint".   In fact, to me the first 2 projects are already done.  But, to me they are also just kind of, well... boring.  The next one is a little yellow accent table.  And probably it needs new paint, but something about the original chipped off layers of old paint do it for me.  The last one obviously needs paint, but what color?   SO, if you want to have a say, just leave me a comment below the post.
P.S~ YES, these items will soon be FOR SALE!  
(Once you help me decide what I am going to do that is.)





Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For hire?!?

I guess I am transitioning... I started out only redoing furniture for myself, then my I decided to give it a go at selling my stuff, now I am taking yet another direction.  Recently I have been approached about painting other peoples furniture on a "for hire" basis.  So, it looks as though I am going to give that a whirl as well. 

This headboard/ nightstand was my first semi-go at it.  A friend of mine was wanting a headboard and nightstand for her son.  After coming across both during one of my latest hunting expeditions; I approached her and told her to pick the colors and finish and I would do them and then if she liked the result she would have first dibs before I listed them for sale.  Here are some before and afters...

Before:  Early 80's style headboard. 
Solid but out dated.

I removed the accordion like detail to create
a cleaner look.  I also painted and glazed
 both items.

I love the cleaner, simpler look.  Still has nice trim work.  Just the right amount of detail for a little boy.

Look carefully behind the lamps.  This was
a nightstand I picked up that someone tried to
refinish.  Jaime to the rescue!
After:  Painted, glazed, reassembled and
 good as new!

It is a nice, simple, functional nightstand and with the enamel paint will easily hold hp in an 8 year olds room!

The set all completed!
P.S. My friend loves them and is going to purchase both.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

New items for sale...

 Here are my latest

I have a pair of French Country end/ side tables. Would also be used as great night stands or even place them together for a bench at the foot of a bed! Very Shabby Chic!
They have been painted a light gray and white washed. They also have some light distressing and a top coat to keep them fresh for years to come.
Dimensions are:
26"l X 20"w X20"h
Asking $65 ea or $125 for the pair

This sweet little antique rolling cart would be great anywhere!  As a mini-bar, in a laundry room, as a small kitchen cart, perhaps even in a bathroom. 
Dimensions are:   22 1/2" l (front to back -incl. handle) 19 1/2" w X 26"h
It is on casters but they are removable. 
Asking $55

This petite folding butcher block table would be great in a small kitchen. But, it is also portable!  Ever need a butcher block at the lake, or for a party? The base is turquoise and has been glazed. The top is a real butcher block that has been sanded, refinished and sealed with a food grade butcher block sealer. 
Dimensions are:
25"l- (incl. handle) X 18"w X 33"h
asking $35

This little blue twin headboard is already being held for someone. Paint, glaze and poly applied.  A great piece.
asking $45

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

... and a drum roll please!

Well, it FINALLY came!!!

This is the cover to look for.  You can purchase this mag. almost anywhere; Barnes & Noble, Lowes, Home Depot, to name a few.  But also at nearly every airport magazine stand around the world!

Here is my page (on the left)!!!

If you have been reading my blog you know that the tutorial they excerpted here pails in comparison to my original.  They make it sound easy, even state so much.  But, I must say those are not my words!  It wasn't a terribly difficult project but one that I had to come up with entirely on my own.  I couldn't find anywhere how to install a woven runner.  So, I practiced and practiced until I thought the entire process through leaving no little question marks.  The steps and the process was so much more detailed and in depth.  They barely scratched the surface.  But, hey it made it in the magazine, so that is it for my complaining.


I also made it into "THE CHEAPSKATE HALL OF FAME"  which my husband LOVES!  I am an uber-cheapskate, and I don't think anyone really believes me.  It is rare for me to pay double-digits for anything.  I am a single-digit kind of girl.  But, now perhaps I will have more cred. seeing is it is now in print.

Love that this project made it in.  Just wish they had put a photo because I think they turned out better than this little blurb implies.  In fact, if you look up at the header of my blog you can catch a glimpse of my shutters! You can also view my tutorial to make your own.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Not your mama's hutch

Several weeks back, after a morning of garage sale-ing, I showed up to our house with a truckload of furniture.  This was the last gathering of items before my Furniture Revival Sale.  And while I was fairly pleased with most of my purchases, as my husband and I unloaded this behemoth of an old 70's hutch, I said to him "This just might be the first item I regret buying."  It was U-G-L-Y!  It came in 2 pieces that when assembled was more than 6 ft. tall.  Next to my 5'2 frame it was a monster and did I mention U-G-L-Y?!?  We kept it in the garage as 2 separate pieces.  It was easier for me to work on them that way.  It didn't take long for thrifty me to decide this was the way they were meant to stay, separate.  I worked on the base and it turned out much better than expected.  Here is a pre-sale photo of the base:

The funny thing about this piece is I actually had several people come to the sale because of it specifically.
 It was also one of the first items to sell!
 But, I still had the top.  From very early on I had dreams of taking out the 70's style glass and adding chicken wire.  I also needed to add legs.  I had 2 laying around from another job I had done a while back.  So, one day I got brave and started deconstructing and reconstructing.  I did just what I planned.  I added the chicken wire and cut the 2 legs I had in half to make 4, prepped and painted the sucker and voila!

Had to add just a hint of distressing to the edges.

Close up of the addition of the chicken wire.  

Since taking this photo the top has been embellished a little further.  I will have to snap a more recent pict. and post it soon.