Wednesday, June 22, 2011

For hire?!?

I guess I am transitioning... I started out only redoing furniture for myself, then my I decided to give it a go at selling my stuff, now I am taking yet another direction.  Recently I have been approached about painting other peoples furniture on a "for hire" basis.  So, it looks as though I am going to give that a whirl as well. 

This headboard/ nightstand was my first semi-go at it.  A friend of mine was wanting a headboard and nightstand for her son.  After coming across both during one of my latest hunting expeditions; I approached her and told her to pick the colors and finish and I would do them and then if she liked the result she would have first dibs before I listed them for sale.  Here are some before and afters...

Before:  Early 80's style headboard. 
Solid but out dated.

I removed the accordion like detail to create
a cleaner look.  I also painted and glazed
 both items.

I love the cleaner, simpler look.  Still has nice trim work.  Just the right amount of detail for a little boy.

Look carefully behind the lamps.  This was
a nightstand I picked up that someone tried to
refinish.  Jaime to the rescue!
After:  Painted, glazed, reassembled and
 good as new!

It is a nice, simple, functional nightstand and with the enamel paint will easily hold hp in an 8 year olds room!

The set all completed!
P.S. My friend loves them and is going to purchase both.


  1. Pretty pieces; love that blue, vintage look.

  2. They turned out great--love the shade of blue. Nice makeover! Thanks so much for linking to Share the Love Wednesday; hope you'll be back this week!

  3. Found you at last week's Domestically Speaking party. It's very interesting for me to read your story of this post, because I've been transforming furniture for myself and am ready to start selling pieces too. I just finished four pieces that we're using in our own home, and have another five pieces in the queue to paint and attempt to sell. We'll see how it goes! Until I bring in some money, I'm not allowed to buy any more furniture to re-do! :)


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