Friday, June 24, 2011

To paint or not to paint...

Here is a chance for you all to chime in.  I have posted some projects below.  In order of "least in need of new paint" to "most in need of new paint".   In fact, to me the first 2 projects are already done.  But, to me they are also just kind of, well... boring.  The next one is a little yellow accent table.  And probably it needs new paint, but something about the original chipped off layers of old paint do it for me.  The last one obviously needs paint, but what color?   SO, if you want to have a say, just leave me a comment below the post.
P.S~ YES, these items will soon be FOR SALE!  
(Once you help me decide what I am going to do that is.)






  1. Hi, I'm visiting from Paisley Passions linky party. I "followed" your blog. The first two tables are really nice, #1 is my fave. I'm a painting fanatic so I'd probably paint the yellow one but that's just me. Good luck with your projects!

  2. For the first side table, how about decoupaging some black/white toile to the bottom shelf? Or some sort of black/white or black/cream paper or fabric? I am a toile girl, so I always think of toile first!

    Coming over from the link party at French Country Cottage.

  3. I love number 3 just the way it is. Why not try your hand at a similar finish on the others. Playing with finishes is my passion. Stop by and visit me sometime.

  4. I would def paint/ frail number 3 and 4, I love playing with colors and patterns

  5. I love #3. I see it with antique dainty napkins or lace fabric draped over it with just a smidge of its side showing. and a stake of old red books, with a old looking table lamp on it. I would paint #4 though...


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