Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Before & After: custom painting your way...

Before: Jess bought these chairs to go
with my 'twist on a Farmhouse Table'.

After:  I custom painted her 6 chairs to
 match.  I also fixed up a couple that
were in disrepair... now, good as new!


Can't wait to see picts. of all 6 chairs at the table!

Before:  This little yellow table wasn't a
table at all.  It was a lamp (well a dilapidated one anyway)!
After:  Sarah called dibs on this table
before I even had a chance to paint it.
She too, was able to pick her color and

Before:  I did some modifying and voila'
its an accent table.

She picked the 'Robin's Egg Blue' that I have on my own dining room table.

This little table is loaded of antique charm.

Before:  I picked up this old drafting
table because I loved the base!  It
needed some repairs but I knew it would
be great.
After:  Elizabeth was looking for a table
to double as a desk and a table.  My
drafting table proved to be the perfect
solution.  She was able to pick her color
and finish to perfectly suit her taste.

It collapses as well as disassembles into 2 separate pieces.  Great for moving!

Still LOVE that base!

After:  At home in Elizabeth's place. 
Looks Amazing!


  1. all pretty. The drafting table is superb! Just love this alternative to a desk. Great job with all the projects :)

  2. every think looks good, It's just amazing what a little paint can do... Great job.


  3. painting the things around us with our own choice is always awesome, some good ideas for living room furniture lovers and choosers at Living Room Furniure


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