Saturday, August 27, 2011

~Antique Chic~ Desk~ Petite Dining Table~ Kitchen Island~

This is a great, versatile piece. Though it was originally constructed as a computer desk (has a slide out drawer for a keyboard), I think it would make a nice table-for-two in a small eat in kitchen OR could even be used as island in a more spacious kitchen! This is truly a unique piece with tons of texture, undertones of blue and aqua. It has also been distressed for that instant antique look.

Aprox dimensions are:
48" wide X 28"deep X 30" high


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tip for the day #2

~ Think "outside the box" when decorating your home...

I have these 2 French Country side tables for sale, but ironically I believe their best use is not to be used as side tables, or even night stands at all!  These tables are a perfect height and great width to place together at the foot of a bed as a BENCH!!!  I love having a bench at the foot of my bed, but often times they aren't real benches at all.  I have used side tables, my kiddoes dining bench, even a cedar chest and all have worked superbly.  And though I have not yet done it myself (yet) I have also seen sofa tables and desks placed in the same way.  So, get creative and think out of the box when decorating your home!

Side tables used as a bench.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tip for the day...

It is currently 12:35 in the afternoon in Oklahoma and already 101 degrees!  The forecast for the next 5 days is as follows:
  • 107 degrees
  • 105      "
  • 106      "
  • 104      "
  • 104      "
Which means no painting or furniture projects for me.  I feel terrible about not keeping up with my blog better than I have, but quite honestly this HEAT has just sucked the the energy right out of me!!!  So, I have been thinking and while I currently can not show off any new Jaime creations, I can pass along some helpful Jaime tips and tricks from the comfort of my air conditioned home :)

Here is TIP #1-

Make a run to Target!  At our local Target they have placed much of their summer/ garden/ outdoor items on clearance.  Just today I stocked up on:
  • Preen w/ Weed Control  30% off
  • Cutter- Backyard Bug Control  30% off
  • Weed-B-Gon Crabgrass Spray 30% off
  • Replacement Nozzle Sprayer 30% off
On these items alone I saved nearly $15.00!  I also needed a small bag of Berbuda Seed which Target did not have so I ran over to Walmart.  Though they did have my seed while I was there I also noticed all the products I got on sale at Target were still full price at Walmart!  Cha-ching!  SO glad I didn't go to Walmart first or else I might have bought everything there and paid full price!  So, if you are in need of some summer/ garden/ outdoor goods check out your Target! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

My blue heaven...

For years and years green was by far my favorite color, red my second, blue my least favorite.  Well, over time all that has changed.  Blue is my nearing the top of my list these days.  I love all the different shades- turquoise, indigo, aqua, sky blue... love 'em!  In fact, my affinity for indigo inspired my most recent Jaime creation- a great distressed, 5 drawer dresser!  I love the heavy distressing! Makes it look so very antique chic! 

Aprox. dimensions:
30" wide X 42" tall X 16 deep
Reduced...  ~asking $150

I love the subtle detail of the scalloping on the bottom of the dresser.

The dresser frame and all drawers are SOLID WOOD!

Sweet little knobs.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

How do I use thee, let me count the ways...

This is one of the most versatile pieces I have ever done.  I can think of so many uses, here are just a few:
  • Media cabinet/ tv stand
  • Baby changing table
  • Entryway cabinet (great for holding keys and charging your phone!)
  • Bathroom cabinet (can't you picture a bunch of white fluffy towels inside?!)
  • Toy cabinet (with some baskets... great in a little girls room!)
  • Buffet for small dining room (your nice china will stay protected within the sliding glass doors)
  • And many, many more...

~Antique Chic~ Glazed Cabinet~
Aprox. dimensions:
34"l X 19"w X 29"h

It has 2 sliding glass doors on the front.

Love the detail!

An close-up of the glass door.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Finally, a new Jaime creation...
Having just gotten back from the beach- kinda reminds me of a surfboard!
Unique and one of a kind and

Great entry/ sofa table
Dimensions:  60"l x 20"w x30"h

Monday, August 8, 2011

Still out of commission...

Well, I am back from vacation and the moderate temps. of North Carolina. However, the weeks of record breaking temps. in Oklahoma are affecting my motivation.

Just FYI these were the recorded daily highs in Edmond for the first 6 days of August: 107, 109, 108, 109, 109, 110... YIKES!

Now for the forecast for the next few days:
109, 106, 105, 105... At least it is coming down a tad, but still! Yuck!

And since painting, sanding, gluing, etc... requires me to work in the garage (no go on any A/C out there), I am not getting much done on that front. Also, it is the last full week before school starts so, I am afraid my furniture revival endeavor is going to be on hold for a little while longer. Bear with me though, once school starts and we pull out of this heat wave- I will be wow-ing you with some great Jaime creations!