Friday, August 19, 2011

My blue heaven...

For years and years green was by far my favorite color, red my second, blue my least favorite.  Well, over time all that has changed.  Blue is my nearing the top of my list these days.  I love all the different shades- turquoise, indigo, aqua, sky blue... love 'em!  In fact, my affinity for indigo inspired my most recent Jaime creation- a great distressed, 5 drawer dresser!  I love the heavy distressing! Makes it look so very antique chic! 

Aprox. dimensions:
30" wide X 42" tall X 16 deep
Reduced...  ~asking $150

I love the subtle detail of the scalloping on the bottom of the dresser.

The dresser frame and all drawers are SOLID WOOD!

Sweet little knobs.

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