Thursday, September 15, 2011

On hiatus... and Tip #3

Yes, I have been out of town again- couple that with the start of the new school year and a visit from my folks and blogging and furniture revival have once again gone by the way side.  Looking on the bright side, the temps. in Oklahoma are finally dropping and we might even get some rain!  Which means when I can squeeze in some time, I may just get back into the swing of painting.  When I do, you will be the first to know :)

Until then, I have a tip for the day~

Tip #3... Blemish control the (cheap) natural way!

Though it is not house related at all, I suspect that we can all use a helpful hint when it comes to blemish control!  Yes, the dreaded blemish, pimple, zit, what ever you want call them... I have finally come across a great, effective, cheap remedy.

LEMONS!  You heard me right, lemons!  If you are having difficulty with breakouts or just the occasional blemish I highly recommend trying lemons.  It is a simple enough process, cheap too (I have my own lemon tree so for me it was free), but lemons at Target this am were .22 ea so even if you have to buy one it is VERY reasonable.  Here is the process:

1.  Wash your face
2.  Pat dry
3.  Take a slice of lemon and rub in a circular motion over your face.  OR
     Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply to your face.
4.  Wait 10 minutes and rinse your face with water. 
5.  Apply moisturizer or makeup as usual...

Here are the benefits:

1.  Lemons decrease redness naturally
2.  Lemons dry out blemishes naturally
3.  Lemons lighten dark spots naturally
4.  Lemons improve skin condition naturally
AND  Believe it or not, lemons are not drying to the skin!

I am NO doctor, esthetician, or dermatologist... but I have been to all of them.  I have tried prescription medication, prescription topical lotions, gels, and solutions.  I have made numerous over the counter attempts and nothing has given me a result that I could see within a day!  With the exception of using a good old, God made lemon!

So, if you have issues with blemishes give it a try.  Nothing ventured nothing gained.  It may sting a little, but you can fan your face it and that will help.  Or just suck it up... It is definitely worth it!

PS. Here is a photo from my recent trip.  Can anyone guess where we were?

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  1. I was going to say Lacamas Lake, but I'm now changing it to a lake in the PNW :) Battle Ground Lake?


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