Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shaker/ Farmhouse Furniture...

 When ever I "create" a new piece of furniture from something old I usually can see it's potential in many different ways.  Which is why it is always such a challenge for me to market my furniture.  I might see a table's potential as a "desk" or "kitchen island," and not just as a table.  I try my best to convey all the possibilities, but I am sure I still leave some folks scratching their heads!  Such is the case with this piece.

  Once a ratty old desk, I have modified it into what I think would make two great night stands or even a buffet!  How do I go from nightstand to buffet?  Well, simply really.  Just butt the two nightstands end to end throw a cute little table runner on it and voila, instant buffet!  The lines are great for it, and on top of that there are drawers on either side no matter what your needs.  In playing around with them, I also squared up the tables and think they also work nicely together as a kitchen island!  Either way here they are...

Shaker/ Farmhouse tables
Dimensions:  31"wide X 15"deep X 28 1/2" tall
The table on the left has only 2 drawers:  one shallow and one deep.  The one on the right has 3 shallow drawers. 
If you prefer to have both sides match I can add another faux handle to mimic the right side. 
If used as a nightstand this would be your view from the front.  You still get the functionality of the drawers.  However, they are nicely concealed on the sides to allow for a sleeker look.

The top is weathered wood sanded down to a nice finish. 

I love these pulls!

Drawers lined with antique sheet music and movable dividers.


  1. I would love to purchase these!!! 618.8311

  2. Nice tables. I am sure Melissa is going to enjoy having these.

  3. wow jamie, you are one creative lady. Quite amazing.

  4. Hi!
    If you make more, email me at - would love to purchase! Beautiful work! :)


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