Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Uptown Grocery Co. GRAND OPENING!!!

Uptown Grocery Co. is now OPEN in Edmond, OK!!!

Prior to living here in Oklahoma we lived in upstate NY.  While we were there I was introduced and became spoiled by one of the greatest grocery chains ever, Wegman's!  When we first moved to OK, the loss of my weekly shopping at Wegman's was by far my biggest disappointment because while Oklahoma has many good points, a good grocery store (by my standards) was not one of them.  

In the last year all that has been changing.  It seems like Oklahoma is now turning out upscale grocery stores like there's no tomorrow.  First was the introduction of Sunflower Farmers Market in August of 2011, then Whole Foods opened in October 2011, now Edmond is opening Uptown Grocery Co.  (their grand opening is TODAY!) and Sunflower is adding an additional location in Edmond (to open April 4th, 2012). 

So, that brings me to today and what a glorious day it is!  Forecast to be sunny and 70, on this last day of Feb. 2012 (also the day before my birthday :)  Edmond, OK welcomed it's first upscale grocery store: Uptown Grocery Co.  

I apologize for the quality of photos ahead of time, all I had was my phone.

Now, first I must say I am already a little partial to our new grocery store because Uptown is only about 1.5 miles from my house.  It also piggybacks on a very familiar route that I make when taking my boys to and from Karate as well as soccer.  In fact, my son's soccer team practices at a school directly across from Uptown.  SO convenient for a leisurely cup of coffee while I watch practice, a quick grocery run, or even for dinner after as they have a cafe right there in the store.    

 Here we are all ready for our first shopping experience at Uptown.  By the way, I LOVE these mini carts!  My fave. feature is the built in coffee cup holder in the little purse basket (I know it is hard to see but it is the part closest to Caleb's legs).  SMART!  I will definitely linger at a store when it is clean, convenient, and easy to shop while I drink my morning coffee!

On our way in...

Hold on, photo op...

As my son said "kind of creepy" but very creative.  We were met by this bronzed mime as we entered Uptown.  

 They have a flower market, bakery, specialty cheese area, cafe, prepared foods, along with all the normal stuff at a grocery.  I took this photo to send to my husband; subtle hint regarding my birthday cake choice.  Also, a great place to come for a coffee and dessert date with the Mr.  

Above were my best finds of the day:

Huge pineapple $1.99
8 oz Organic salad mix $2.99
12 oz Cherry tomatoes $1.69
Dry roasted edamame $1.69
Blackberries, raspberries and blueberries all .99/ pt
Fresh brewed coffee .99/ free refills all day with your receipt!

I also forgot to include in the photo: 
Box-4 quarters of salted butter $1.68
4 oz. Feta cheese $2.18
1 lb Flax meal $2.50

Overall the prices were mixed.  There were some amazing deals!  But, then some of my staple items were a bit more pricey.  Over all dry goods were on the higher side, but the selection and variety was top notch (for me).  I know not everyone will feel the same as I do, but I think this is a great addition to Edmond!!!  I would also say that it is the closest thing to my beloved Wegman's that I have found in a long time.  Uptown has a nice variety of "normal stuff" ie. Cheerios, Kraft, etc... as well as organic, upscale, and usually hard to find items.  Personally, given the overall shopping experience I am willing to pay a little extra as long as they throw us cost conscience moms a bone every once in a while with .99 berries and the like...  

Now it is your turn.  Go check it out!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Let's Go Green"

My boys' school is having a family fun night where the theme is "Let's Go Green".  The homeroom moms had a choice of painting a canvas or clay pot.  Then they were to decorate it keeping within the "green" theme.  They will then be auctioned off as a fund raiser during Family Fun Night.  My youngest son's class chose to do a 'fingerprint tree' on a canvas.  A good friend of mine, who is my son's kindergarten homeroom mom, asked me for a little help.  This is what we came up with:

After seeing the finished project my little guy turned to me and said,
"Mom you're an artist!"
So sweet :)

First my friend sketched a tree on the canvas.  Then we had the kids use their fingerprints to make up the initial  leaves.  I then painted the tree trunk, embellished the tree with some additional foliage, and finally added some grass. 

 To incorporate the "green theme" I built the frame from some weathered, scrap wood I had on hand
(from our pergola actually).

A little left over twine and hot glue took care of  the writing.

I braided together some more twine to hang the picture on the wall.

I hope we raise a lot of money!