Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garage sale!!!

This Saturday is our neighborhood garage sale.  So, if you are in Northeast Edmond this weekend swing by.  Timber Ridge is just NE of Danforth and Blvd.  I may even throw some stuff out there...

Friday, May 25, 2012

Turquoise with a side of vintage burlap...

 Just another one of my creations... Here is the before (above)  and the after (below).  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Orange it lovely?

I came home with this drop leaf table the other day, in pieces.  After I examining it I realized its days as a drop leaf table were no more.  The leafs were warped and some dry rot had set in, so I had to chuck them.  But, the rest of the table was salvageable.  Just needed a bit of TLC.  

 Once I disassembled it and figured out what exactly I was going to do; I was able to reassemble it into this.  Then it was time to start prepping it for some fancy restyling.
 I decided to go orange on this piece, but I like it tempered with heavy distressing and some glaze.  So, that is exactly what I did.  
 Turned out great!  And where it was once a single purpose drop leaf table, I see it now in many new and varied ways:  Petite computer desk, grand entry table, media console... Oh, the possibilities.
 I love the color combo!  So classy, with just a touch of edginess.  
 It even has 2 coats of wax to protect it.  
All I can say is, "Orange it lovely?"

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A new challenge...

My very gracious Aunt Melissa asked me if I was ready for a new challenge.  She had this drop leaf table in her garage and was wondering if I could do anything with it.  I told her "Perhaps, but it may no longer be a drop leaf table."  In it's hay day I know this piece was a beauty.  Over the years though, it has gotten its share of bumps and bruises.  Now, I am going to try to remake it into the gem I know it can be.  The real question remains; what will it become?   

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Twins...

I first got into restyling furniture in an effort to make "nice furniture" out of junk because we couldn't afford "nice furniture," (and because I'm a cheapskate).  But after a while when we could finally afford a little more I still preferred the furniture I was creating because it was uniquely me.  No where in a store could someone exactly replicate a room in my home and I love that.  Sometimes, however, my house gets a little tight and I have to down size.  Either that, or I just find a cool piece of furniture and want to restyle it even if I don't have a place for it.  I just can't seem to pass up anything unique and unusual.  
Such was the case when I found this bed.  It didn't look like this of coarse, when I bought it.  But, what was unique about this piece was that there was 2 of them!!!  Since I had 2 boys who shared a room- I thought, "Bingo!"  Sometimes though, things change and not long after my "ah-ha" moment we split up the boys into their own rooms and the need for 2 matching twin beds went amiss.     
One is great...

I can't seem to get enough turquoise these days!  I also LOVE how the glaze brings out the detail.
But, TWO are even better!!!
I also like how they are low to the ground.  Great for little kiddos.
Will they be for sale?  YES, and I suppose they wouldn't have to be sold as a set, but I certainly would love it if they were.  Drop me a comment if your interested.  Or, find my ad on the OKC Craigslist under furniture.  
Here is the low-down:
80"L X 40"W X 41"H (top of headboard)

Did I mention I also have these matching shutters?

They would fit perfectly in a 36" window.
Great antique porcelain knobs.
Dimensions: As a pair they are 36" W X 28"H

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Here we go a trellis-ing..."

A few years ago I saw a DIY garden trellis in a magazine and thought someday I would give it a shot.  Yesterday was finally that day.  I looked at several different designs and based on:
1.  Cost
2.  Ease of building
3.  Change-ability (in case I want to try something different next year.)

  I went with a simple design that uses my fence as support.   


As you can see I made 2 trellises.  Each consist of 9 1x2x8' furring strips @ .75 a piece and some nails.
My total cost for this project was less than $20 and took one afternoon.
Can't wait to see how my garden grows now!  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's DONE, it's DONE!!!

We are FINALLY finished with our pool refresh!!!
Here is a recap of our weekend...
SOS guys came out Saturday morning finished up the remaining concrete work, then they set the liner.    I was out garage sale-ing so I missed getting picts of the last of the concrete work.  Also missed the liner setting process.  Oops...  But, here it is all in!
They use a giant vacuum to suck the air out from behind the liner so that it stays in place as they begin to fill the pool.
One last shot before the water starts going in. 
We have water!  It actually took a couple of days to fill the pool entirely.  We had to shut off the water a few times so that they could come out and cut out the stairs and gaskets and also to smooth out the liner.
But after a couple of days, we are back in business!  And JUST in time.  Since the liner went in I think it has rained every day.  And not just a light drizzle, full on Oklahoma gully-washers!!! In fact, the pool deck was still wet this morning from last nights rain.   
There she is.  Finally... seemed like this project dragged on forever!!!  And YES, the boys have already been swimming.  The 67 degree water hasn't deterred them a bit :)
(notice the giant hole on the left corner.)