Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Here we go a trellis-ing..."

A few years ago I saw a DIY garden trellis in a magazine and thought someday I would give it a shot.  Yesterday was finally that day.  I looked at several different designs and based on:
1.  Cost
2.  Ease of building
3.  Change-ability (in case I want to try something different next year.)

  I went with a simple design that uses my fence as support.   


As you can see I made 2 trellises.  Each consist of 9 1x2x8' furring strips @ .75 a piece and some nails.
My total cost for this project was less than $20 and took one afternoon.
Can't wait to see how my garden grows now!  

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  1. What a view of Gazebos in the nature. Especially I liked the beauty of the Gazebos. It’s looking like a heaven. Everyone wants to make Gazebos like this in our house. Where they can enjoy the real beauty of the nature.


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