Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's DONE, it's DONE!!!

We are FINALLY finished with our pool refresh!!!
Here is a recap of our weekend...
SOS guys came out Saturday morning finished up the remaining concrete work, then they set the liner.    I was out garage sale-ing so I missed getting picts of the last of the concrete work.  Also missed the liner setting process.  Oops...  But, here it is all in!
They use a giant vacuum to suck the air out from behind the liner so that it stays in place as they begin to fill the pool.
One last shot before the water starts going in. 
We have water!  It actually took a couple of days to fill the pool entirely.  We had to shut off the water a few times so that they could come out and cut out the stairs and gaskets and also to smooth out the liner.
But after a couple of days, we are back in business!  And JUST in time.  Since the liner went in I think it has rained every day.  And not just a light drizzle, full on Oklahoma gully-washers!!! In fact, the pool deck was still wet this morning from last nights rain.   
There she is.  Finally... seemed like this project dragged on forever!!!  And YES, the boys have already been swimming.  The 67 degree water hasn't deterred them a bit :)
(notice the giant hole on the left corner.)

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  1. wow, that looks really good, and inviting too, lol. Hope you will have time to post more furnature now!!


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