Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Orange it lovely?

I came home with this drop leaf table the other day, in pieces.  After I examining it I realized its days as a drop leaf table were no more.  The leafs were warped and some dry rot had set in, so I had to chuck them.  But, the rest of the table was salvageable.  Just needed a bit of TLC.  

 Once I disassembled it and figured out what exactly I was going to do; I was able to reassemble it into this.  Then it was time to start prepping it for some fancy restyling.
 I decided to go orange on this piece, but I like it tempered with heavy distressing and some glaze.  So, that is exactly what I did.  
 Turned out great!  And where it was once a single purpose drop leaf table, I see it now in many new and varied ways:  Petite computer desk, grand entry table, media console... Oh, the possibilities.
 I love the color combo!  So classy, with just a touch of edginess.  
 It even has 2 coats of wax to protect it.  
All I can say is, "Orange it lovely?"

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  1. Jaime--Beautiful job on the table! Who knew that was "inside" it--so glad it you could make it useful! I'm not sure what the publish choice below means or entails, so I have put anonymous: it's more like ignorance!

    Great work!

    John Shackford


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