Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Twins...

I first got into restyling furniture in an effort to make "nice furniture" out of junk because we couldn't afford "nice furniture," (and because I'm a cheapskate).  But after a while when we could finally afford a little more I still preferred the furniture I was creating because it was uniquely me.  No where in a store could someone exactly replicate a room in my home and I love that.  Sometimes, however, my house gets a little tight and I have to down size.  Either that, or I just find a cool piece of furniture and want to restyle it even if I don't have a place for it.  I just can't seem to pass up anything unique and unusual.  
Such was the case when I found this bed.  It didn't look like this of coarse, when I bought it.  But, what was unique about this piece was that there was 2 of them!!!  Since I had 2 boys who shared a room- I thought, "Bingo!"  Sometimes though, things change and not long after my "ah-ha" moment we split up the boys into their own rooms and the need for 2 matching twin beds went amiss.     
One is great...

I can't seem to get enough turquoise these days!  I also LOVE how the glaze brings out the detail.
But, TWO are even better!!!
I also like how they are low to the ground.  Great for little kiddos.
Will they be for sale?  YES, and I suppose they wouldn't have to be sold as a set, but I certainly would love it if they were.  Drop me a comment if your interested.  Or, find my ad on the OKC Craigslist under furniture.  
Here is the low-down:
80"L X 40"W X 41"H (top of headboard)

Did I mention I also have these matching shutters?

They would fit perfectly in a 36" window.
Great antique porcelain knobs.
Dimensions: As a pair they are 36" W X 28"H

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  1. I am interested in the shutters. Are these the only ones you have? Janna


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