Monday, July 30, 2012

For Sale cont...

Update:  Our NEW roof is ON!!!
Look at that great slate tile look roof!

Note:  New siding, facia, gutters etc... go up this week!!!

~500 Timber Ridge Road~

Charming Stone Cottage on Corner Estate in the Heart of Edmond, OK

...featured in This Old House Magazine!
4 bedroom / 2 1/2 bath / 2+ Side Entry Garage / 2725 sq ft. / 
14,039 Sq Ft. Corner Lot (.32 acre)
Here are the guys finishing up.  Great job "American Restorators!"

I also made these signs to advertise...

Now we just need a great buyer to come snatch up this fabulous house!


  1. That new slate roof does look really great! It really makes the house feel like a cozy cottage. I like your choice of color for it, too. The darkness of it is very unique and very stylish. It gives the entire cottage a very modern look, while still looking like the cottage it was meant to be.

  2. I totally echo Galliena’s sentiments! I think dark-colored roofs are awesome. They bring a very modern feel to the entire house. I think slate is a great material to go with as well, since it’s affordable and easy to clean.

  3. I agree with Son and Galliena! That slate roof is gorgeous! I love its dark color. Not only is it the “in-thing,” it also helps regulate the temperature inside the house since dark colors absorb more heat. That should definitely come in handy during winter; you’ll be saving a lot more money since you won’t need to use the heater that much.

  4. “Charming” is absolutely right! It’s an updated version of the cottage; and the stone walls and the beautiful blue roof really make it look like it’s from a fairytale. Has anyone bought the house yet?


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