Friday, September 21, 2012

Welcome to Washington!!!

 Things are still a bit crazy around here but I thought I would share a few tid-bits on what our new life is like in the Great Northwest...  As always, I think photos will convey far more than I ever could.  So, here we go!

Well, here it is the new Casa Shackford.
Our first night in the new house... pretty sparse! 
We were so eager to get in after waiting 4 days after closing to take possession that we jumped on the first opportunity.
We arrived after 10pm, exhausted!  But, by doing so we were here first thing in the morning when the movers arrived. 
The kitchen was the first room "unpacked."  I snapped this pict. before more boxes made their way in.
This is the view from our backyard.  That is the golf course clubhouse in the distance.
Golf anytime; my husband is in heaven!
This is a local produce stand.  Fresh local fruit and veggies- and this is just one of many options.
Just on the other side of our neighborhood is Lake Wilderness.  It is so beautiful and so close! There is even a trail linking our neighborhood right to the lake, NICE!
You just can't escape Mt. Rainier!  This is my view going to the grocery store.  Not bad, not bad at all!!! 
Even garage sale-ing it just seems to show up where ever you go. 
There she is again!!!
This is the ride to school, once again; not bad, not bad at all!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

New house, new state, new blog???

As you may know we recently moved from Oklahoma to Washington state!!!  It has taken us a while to get settled and honestly, we are still not quite there.  But, for the first time I do feel like I have 5 minutes to catch everyone up :)  Here are a few photos of our journey across the country...

This is the first photo I took of our journey.
Here we are on the road and leaving Oklahoma.
It took us 5 days and a small caravan to get everything across country.
Even at that- we ended up leaving a few couches, dressers and other
items behind.   
Can't remember... is this Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming???
I was quite surprised to learn that this would end up being the scenery for
more than 75% of our trip!
There was a lot of driving but we tried to have a little fun too.  In Ogden, Utah my
husband and oldest son did a little indoor skydiving!  They both loved it!!!
Finally seeing a little elevation in the distance.  Though we climbed to nearly
7000 ft all in all it was kinda hard to tell!
Crossing the Snake River in Idaho.
Oregon brought the trees and finally some GREEN!!!
...and the most amazing scenery.
Even our dog Diesel liked the view.
When we finally landed at my sister's house we we're greeted by welcome signs,
a toilet paper finish line and lots of excited cousins.  I am so happy to report just how blessed our trip was!
No traffic issues, no mechanical problems, no unexpected surprised- just smooth sailing!  
Finally home!!!  Here are my boys in front of the new house on our closing day. Sadly after this we still had to wait 4 long, hard days to move in.  But, now we are in and loving life.  It has been quite the journey over these last few months but again I am quite happy to say that things are turning out quite well.  Last on the list though is to get back to business!

I already have several furniture projects sitting in my garage which I will be sharing soon!  But, before I can do that I first have to decide whether or not to change the name of my blog!?!  "Okla-home-a" doesn't quite work any more... I have a few ideas but nothing I have committed to.  Any suggestions?