OK Home tour

This was my labor of love while we lived in Oklahoma!  While we made no major structural changes, I am amazed at the transformation after 3 short years!
I laid this stone path as well as built my own shutters.  I also added the window boxes and changed, modified and added to the landscaping constantly.

We updated our pool in 2012.  Many of the changes were done by yours truly.  
In the years we spent here I attempted to have a small suburban raised bed garden (against the far fence).  It was
"meh..."  I think the Oklahoma weather always got the best of me and tended to foil my plans.
We redid the pergola the first year we were here and spent many a day and night hanging out by the pool!
Here is a great view of the new liner we chose for the pool and the newly "stained" concrete.

We updated all the appliances and I spruced up and distressed the cabinets.  I loved my all white kitchen!
We added radiant gas heat logs to the double sided fireplace, replaced the doors with louvered ones, and most of the furniture in this room were "Jaime originals".
This dining set is another of my creations.  I also made the curtains, painted the walls  etc...
Just paint and decor was changed in here.   Much lighter and brighter than when we moved in!
More Jaime creations in the Master br.  I painted the lamps, made the bench at the foot of the bed, also painted and distressed the night stands etc...
The turquoise vanity is another of my pieces.
The bath came with this great Pottery Barn vanity.  But, the shelving on the bottom was open and messy so I added a skirt to conceal all our towels, blow dryers...
Mostly more Jaime creations in here.  The art work is all original; I made the throw pillows out of some napkins, sewed the curtains, painted the bench etc...

This is my fav. project.  My original DIY woven stair runner.


  1. Stopped over from Not Just a Housewife's 'Show Me What Ya Got #85'. Just had to say I love your house! I live in Canada or I would buy it in a hot minute. I wish I could find a house around me that was identical to yours.

    Happy selling! Whoever buys it is one lucky girl/guy!

  2. that is adorable and super spacious! you sure do get a lot of bang for your buck there!

  3. Where is this located? This looks very nice for a newly wed couple.


  4. I have had my eye on this house for 2 years! We have only been in our home for 1 year, so we are not in the market, but I definitely hope it is available again when we are looking for our second home! Happy selling!
    Whitney Grimes


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