NY house tour

We had an amazing opportunity to live in upstate NY from 2006-2008.
Here is a tour of our NY house...

*note:  Hopefully you will persevere through all the picts. because the real scoop is at the bottom...

The front entry.
Side view.
Did I mention there was one house to our left and then the local small, 
and very quaint public library.  
Side closest to the library.
This was my favorite view of the house.  
We redid the backyard, this was our reward.
So lush!
"Welcome home" I could just feel it when 
I first stepped in the front door.
It was love at first sight!  

Spacious, updated kitchen.
Kitchen bar area.  

Downstairs half bath and laundry room. 
Nothing special until you looked up!  

This is the skylight you saw as you looked up. 

Downstairs living room.

Built-ins GALORE!

The sunroom... LOVE those windows!!!

We used it a our downstairs TV room.

The dining room was one of my favorite rooms in the 
house with it's built-ins and huge picture window!

Our dining room led out to a great screened in porch.
With another great picture window.

The upstairs had this great living area / flex space.  LOVED it.  

The upstairs secondary full bath, with laundry chute, for real!
With the craziest deepest tub ever!
Master Bath

Master bedroom, nothing ground breaking but certainly sufficient.
There actually were doors on the closet , but we hated them!  

2nd bedroom.  

3rd Bedroom

Ahhhhhh..... memories.  

I have to say I LOVED, LOVED , LOVED this house.  
2 doors down was a little neighborhood library.  The elementary school was less than 3 blocks away.  The community pool and park was a block away.  There was a beautiful river at the end of our dead end street.  We had a huge double lot in town with beautiful mature landscaping, a huge driveway for the boys to ride their bikes on, a great back yard that we poured our blood sweat and tears into, plenty of room for a garden, you could even see mountains from our kitchen window.  The house was overflowing with character, had a great floor plan and not just plenty of space but great separation of space.  The neighborhood was peaceful, BEAUTIFUL, seemingly untouched since the 50's.  It truly was like living in a Norman Rockwell painting. Click here to see


  1. wow, beautiful house. Too bad you can't pack it up and take it with you wherever you end up living :)

  2. What a beautiful house. I am in Love with that green floor. Wonderful!

  3. Beautiful house! I know how it is to move around in the name of hubby's career. Who could have predicted the market?
    I'm enjoying browsing all around your blog. Just found you via Picket Fence. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back!
    Have a great day!

  4. I hope the lesson you learned was to have the Realtor look at comparatives from the last 3 to 6 months, and show them to you before listing at a particular price. Also, one of the biggest lessons is: if you list with a seasoned agent, and they pull a number off the top of their head, they are most likely totally incorrect. This is not the way pricing should ever be done. Appraisers place values on houses every day, and they do it by carefully analyzing the market. It takes hours of research to do it properly. Realtors are supposed to go through the same steps.


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